Since 1983, Italcham has consistently provided well researched advice, linked like-minded business people and offered itself as a beacon of support to numerous of our satisfied clients and members of our chambers. Italcham organisational principles resonate deeply within the core of the organisation and the propelling desire to serve our customers ensures superb results in all our pursuits.  
Founded in 1983 by a group of 15 prominent South African-Italian businessmen we, at Italcham, strive to fulfil our mission, which is, to be the foremost point of liaison between Italian and South African commerce. We aim to achieve this by fostering sustainable relationships among Italian and South African professionals, disseminating information about both countries to respective entrepreneurs and encourage commercial activities between South Africa and Italy. Every year, members of the Chamber elect an Executive Committee which works to adopt and revise strategies relevant to the annual context of the market.

We offer a diverse array of valuable services to our members and present constructive advice on business. Additionally, we host networking events and provide assistance to our clients regarding pertinent issues. Our bilateral compliance policy enables us to provide services to Italian firms who are interested in operating in the South African market and South African firms interested in operating in the Italian context. 
The Italcham head office is based in the East Rand suburb of Bedfordview.

Our mission is to help Italian companies to find commercial opportunities in the South African market. Our team is able to tailor-make the most suitable solution for our clients. In addition to the wide range of services we offer to members and non-members, we support clients by means of personalised trade and investment solutions.

Therefore, Italcham has the distinct ability to cater to the diverse needs of executives, employees, business professionals or entrepreneurs needing advice or assistance. We at Italcham are committed to satisfying all business needs involving Italy or South Africa.

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